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A Knife For Skinning Small Game

A Knife For Skinning Small Game


Skinning knife refers to a short and wide blade with a strong edge with a very pointy tip that prevents much flexibility or springing. This knife is more of a hunting knife than a weapon or a kitchen-usage knife. These knives are also referred to as skinners. When it comes to hunting, the small game skinning knife is used for the skinning of small animals like squirrels, upland game, rabbit and other smaller animals.

Are you good in hunting? Or are interested in knowing the best small game skinning knife? Then, this article will guide you with the details you need to know. If you want to buy the knife, you must consider some of the attributes that are essential in a small game knife. Below is a list of all the attributes you should look for:

  • Easy to carry- Just like the name of the knife suggests, when you are small gaming in the field and you mange to kill an animal, you will immediately want to skin that animal and the skinning knife must be at hand, easily available and also easy to use. Portability is the most important thing here. I bet you also agree on that.


  • Easy to sharpen- A successful hunt might lead to a very long process of skinning and this affects the sharpness of your knife. That will lead to longer hours in the skinning of the animal. I would prefer a 2-3 sided pocket blade which will ensure that once the other side is blunt you just turn to the other side of the blad     e. Additionally, no matter which small game you chose ensure it is easy to sharpen and has a strong edge.


  • Must have a comfortable handle- Lots of small game knives do not have the ergonomic handles like the larger knives. Most of these small game knives example being the pocket knife has a slim and thin handles which make them be easy to carry around and everywhere.

Do you agree that when it comes to hunting, the knife is your trophy and it is must you take care of it? Then, you must be well informed of the types of your gaming knives. To begin with, there are four types of skinning knives, namely:

  • A fixed- blade knife- This is  the common known type of skinners and the shape of the blade is what makes these small game knives look different.


  • Folding knife- When you looking for the best small game knife then I would advice you go for this only if there is the need of keeping the small game knife small. Such knives are like the pocket knife which everyone is familiar with. Some of folding knife do have the design of changeable blades.


  • Gut hooks- This type of knife as an added special feature of a small-hook like part that is used for slicing through the skin. Used for both skinning and slicing the abdomen part in order to avoid cutting of organs.


  • The fourth type are those hybrid types of knives that are consider to be a combination of features like a folded knife with gut hooks structure.

Now that you know all the necessary information about small gaming knife, it would be important for you to know some of the best skinning knives. Highlighting them from http://allknives.online website, this is considered the best:


Skinning Knife/162mm Stiff Blade/Polyamide Handle

Its features are as follows:

  • It’s hardened by deep refrigeration at -80 degrees for maximum hardness. Hardness: 58 RC.
  • Very suitable in wet conditions.
  • Its blade is made of Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel.
  • Its price is $28-$31 and it weighs 0.15kgs.


  • Polyamide Handle
  • Stiff Blade- 2.5mm Thick
  • Blade Length- 162mm






Choosing a hunting knife that you find favourite to you is based on your personal preferences. My favourite knife doesn’t obliviously mean that it’s your favourite knife too. If you are serious about shopping for a hunting knife especially a small game skinning knife, then you will have to consider that when it comes to processing small game, you need to know what conditions you will hunt under and the kinds of game you anticipate to harvest. This will definitely lead to the right buying choice of a small game skinning knife. If the knife is not stainless, can you keep it clean and oiled? Also, can you keep it sharp?



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