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Hunting Or Fishing - You're Gonna Need A Skinning & Gutting Knife

Hunting Or Fishing - You're Gonna Need A Skinning & Gutting Knife

Hunting knives have a very ancient tale that waves back into the centuries. Citing from the early days of man and his survival transformation from the use of stones and clubs to the use of tools and hunting knives gave the early man the ability to become a hunter. It led to the ability of butchering and skinning of animals. It was an important defence tool against the predators.

In our modern society of this time, modern hunting knives have seen some changed compared to the early ones. It has a sharp single blade and a handle that is firm and steady when a hunter is using it. Lock-back knives, specialised gutting and skinning knives and folding knives are also used for hunting. These knives are used for outdoor activities.



A skinning knife or a skinner is a tool used by professionals. Typically, this knife has a short and wide blade that has no much flexibility and generally this knife is used more for hunting and not as a weapon.




This is a special kind of knife in which its blade at the tip has a sharpened semi-circle shaped into it. The gut hook knives are actually a trailing point of the hunting knives. The “gut hook” is defined as more of a blade feature and not an actual blade. This is a feature that is attached or blended into a hunting knife.

The gut hook in the hunters’ knife is used for field dressing of the game. The hook is usually placed in a small cut in the underside of the game animal then pulled just like a zipper. The purpose of the gut hook is to split the skin of the animal in gutting operations off-field dressing.

The gut hook opens the abdomen of the game animal without slicing into the animals muscles thus not affecting the quality of the meat.

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A gut hook is made using a semi-circle; a “C” shape that is found on the knife’s blade. This inward part is always sharp and hunters who use this kind of knife with a gut hook always use the round file to sharpen the gut hook unlike when they are using the common knife sharpener or sharpening stone for the straight shaped blades.

However, some of the disadvantages associated with the gut hook knives are that it is difficult to sharpen the gut hook knife and also the back spine of the knives can’t be sharpened which leaves the only the single edge blade.

A gut hook is a one-size fitting to all tool that hunters find it specialised for their hunting operations and when combined with a trailing point skinning knife, it makes the field dressing of the game animal successful. Who would not love that?

Ask yourself, what are the advantages or disadvantages of the gut hook knife? To answer your questions below is list.


Advantages of gut hook knife

  • It has a high point that is out of its way.
  • It has a large belly for skinning and slicing.
  • It is perfect for field dressing wild game.


Disadvantage of gut hook knife

  • It has a trailing edge that can not be sharpened.
  • The hook on the knife is difficult to sharpen.






Size is one of the important considered factors that hunters look into. You can not feel comfortable with a too big size knife for nothing or even have a smaller knife that cannot deliver as per your intended needs. Do you agree? With a 3.5” skinning blade, your skinning of game animal will be much easier and faster. Having sizeable blade also makes it easy for you to skin in a tight place. When it comes to the weight of the knife, the recommended weight is 0.34kgs which is easier to carry around and brings no problem at all.



For your hunting activities, you need a durable knife. You can keep going back to the store purchasing a new knife, do you agree? A steel material is the best and a knife made of steel is considered to be durable. The steel delivers excellent strength for longevity, resistance to corrosion thus no rusting of the knife.


3.      SAFETY

We all agree that safety is important especially to you as a hunter who carries a sharp knife along during the hunting activities. Most manufacturers of these knives have taken that into consideration by providing a sheath for these sharp skinning knives. The most reliable sheath is made of durable nylon. The sheath also has removable liners which are meant for easier cleaning. All you need to do is take it out, clean it before replacing it.


4.      EASY TO USE

You as a hunter will always need a knife that is easy to handle especially in various applications. A comfortable grip on the handle is essential. You as a hunter will feel comfortable when holding a hunting knife that has a firm grip.




In your mind as a hunter, you always want to get more functionality out of your skinning and gutting knife.  Buying a hunting knife kit is the ultimate answer and you will get all 3-5 knives which will be used for both skinning and gutting your game animal.




There are so many lucrative options and best skinning and gutting knives and you as a hunter you  likely to get confused on which one to buy. Using the above details I believe you can make a decision on which skinning and gutting knife suit you. Skills combined a good hunting knife is a perfect match!


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