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All Knives Has Some Of The Best Blades For Hunting Knives

All Knives Has Some Of The Best Blades For Hunting Knives


Hunting knife is a tool used when carrying out hunting activities. Hunting knife can either be a fixed type of blade or a folding type of blade. The older hunters preferred the fixed blades while the modern hunters mostly prefer the folding blade hunting knife. This does not mean necessarily that one is better than the other and for you as a dedicated hunter it will depend on your preferences. You have a choice to make on which blade suits you best.

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Fixed blade has always been favoured with the durability factor. There are less mechanical breaks and parts thus you can confidently choose the fixed blade as your preferred hunting blade. This blade is always easy to clean and maintain. This knife is tough enough to go through the bones without ruining its blade. Fixed blade knives also have that cool factor of you as a hunter having a sheath by your side that always ensures safety when it comes to dangerous situations.



Folding blade comes with various advantages to a hunter. The knife is much more versatile it its usage and can be easily hidden and can be taken out faster compared to fixed blades. These blades have the bonus advantage of being able to be carried in pockets and their folding mechanisms enable it to ensure safety to you as a hunter. Unlike fixed blades, the folding blade knives do not require the sheath which makes you carry it by your side which may seem uncomfortable. However, this blade is less durable, harder to clean and also involves much maintenance measures. Additionally, the folding blade does not offer longer warranty compared to the powerful fixed blades.




A blade formation goes through the five steps which are namely:

Forming the blade- This is the first stage which involves the cutting of a blank material then stamped in a punch press that is hardened to form the blade’s shape. Afterward holes are drilled on the tang to form the handle.

Hardening- The hardening is done to maintain the sharpness of the knife. Each blade material is usually hardened and heat-treated using different methods. However, for you as a hunter, steel made blades are the best especially the stainless steel. This process is done by placing the blades in a heating tray in an oven and the temperatures are raised to approximately 1600°F (871°C). After the heating of two hours, the blades are submerged in oil and water to undergo a quenching process (rapid cooling). After this, the blades become brittle and they are reheated again approximately 500°F (260°C)to change their crystal alignment the blade. It is then cooled through a process known as tempering that hardens the blade.  

Sharpening and Polishing- After all those process of hardening, the blades are sharpened by either machine or by hand. This will remove any remains surface residues from the blade and polishes it accordingly.

Horning and the Assembly of the stocks, guard, and pommelare the last stages respectively. Horning refers to the process of fine grinding to produce a fine edge. Afterwards the assembling of the stocks onto the tang of the blade is done. A leather handle and the washer segments are then stacked onto the tang starting at the guard. Great care is a must during the assembly and finishing process so as not to ruin the sharp edge or damage the knife blade.





Over the past 200 years, the manufacturing processes of knives have changed and undergo extensive formation changes. With the emerging of metallurgy, it will continue to offer knife manufacturers new steel alloys that harden, finish and durable. Hunting will continue to be an outdoor tool for hunting enthusiast.






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