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What's The Advantages Of A Hunting Dagger?

What's The Advantages Of A Hunting Dagger?


A hunting dagger is a long double–edge hunting tool that is used to kill a boar or a deer in single deathblow with the dagger. The animal is chased through the forest till it trips and falls down during the hunt. There is when the dagger is used to kill the game animal. In the earlier years, the hunting dagger was used by the Germans in their fancy hunting.

Dagger For Hunting



This hunting dagger from Germany was developed by “medieval hunting swords” and was used by mounted hunters. Today, in our modern world you live in, the hunting dagger is still part of the Germany hunting culture and is still used as part of their hunting traditions.

To give you a brief example of daggers, the Germany manufactured daggers can explain to you in details what and how hunting daggers are important tools to include in your hunting collection or kit. Hunting daggers are classified into three, namely;

  • Forestry daggers
  • Shooting daggers
  • Hunting daggers



These daggers are quite unique in their designs. The hilts of these daggers have a stag horn grip with pommel whereas the cross-guard that is usually brass, gold or silver coated. These German daggers have scabbards that are composed of green shells associated with either silver or gold fittings. The blades are usually acid etched.




These daggers have plenty of variations. These daggers have “D” curved / shaped hilts that are either silver or golden coated.  These daggers have a different grip material compared to those of hunting daggers. The grip can be ivory, horn made or celluloid type. The daggers’ scabbards are composed of leather shells. They are meant for forest scenes.




These daggers are meant for use during competitions or occasions. Unlike the above two types of dagger, this dagger’s hilt consist of a nickel plated zinc based pommel and its grip is made up of a white fluted celluloid grip that is placed over a black leather shell. Its blade is doubled edged featuring both the hunting and forestry scenes. At these occasions and competitions, the shooting is aimed at a bird’s chest which is pinned in front.

Enough has been said for you to get a clear picture of what is a dagger? How does a dagger work? And numerous questions have been answered about a dagger. The above part discusses the traditional daggers.

When discussing the modern hunting daggers, a hunter like you should understand that daggers are meant to effective one-time kill off your captured game animal especially a deer. A dagger you carry for your hunting activities must be sharp and strong enough to penetrate on the game animal in a single stab, and this requires not only a sharp dagger but also skills on how to hit right the vital organs of the animal.



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