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Top High End Hunting Knives

Top High End Hunting Knives

A great hunter will first get armed with all accessories before walking into the field. One of the things to pack in your arsenal is a hunting knife to skin and dress the game.

To achieve this, the knife needs to be pretty strong and flawless.

But settling for a high-end hunting knife can be a daunting task since the market has presented a plethora of brands to choose from. If you are not informed, you may end up buying dummy of a hunting knife. 

Read below to learn what distinguishes a high-end hunting knife from a dummy.


It features a full tang design on the blade.

For a great hunting knife, the blade and the handle should be one continuous piece of steel. This design adds to the strength of the knife making it hard to break. A hunting knife with a partial tang design is prone to breakage, and you should avoid them.


They are made of stainless steel.

Typically, there are two types of steel used in making hunting knives; carbon steel, and stainless steel. A carbon steel knife is inexpensive, rugged and easy to sharpen but prone to rusting. A stainless steel knife offers a high-quality blade that requires little attention. And because a hunting knife will go through dirty actions over its lifetime, a stainless steel blade is a great option.


They feature a drop point blade.

A drop point blade is the best for field dressing and skinning the game. Other types such as clip point or the tanto point may look great, but they are not as efficient as the drop point blade.


The handle should be very comfortable in hand.

Skinning the animal will have your hands getting wet. The handle should be made of a sturdy material that will offer a good grip even when wet. Leather and wooden handles are not ideal for hunting knives because they are slippery when wet. Great handles for hunting knives should be made of synthetic material which is sturdy and will feel comfortable in your hand.


Comes with a sturdy sheath to keep you safe.

A sheath is the only safety accessory when it comes to hunting knives. A good sheath will protect you from been cut. Besides, it allows for easy access while keeping the knife from damage. Like this Bushcraft Forest Camo Knife that comes with a sheath.





Having gone through the basics of a high-end hunting knife, it’s our belief that you’re can choose the best hunting for you in sheer bliss. However, this post is not exhaustive because the rest of the features will depend highly on your budget and personal preference.


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