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Fixed Hunting Knives - Why Do You Need One?

Fixed Hunting Knives - Why Do You Need One?


Are you a regular hunter? If yes, a fixed blade hunting knife is the way to go for your successful hunting activities. It is also known as a sheath knife. This knife does not slide or fold and this make it stronger due to its tang. A tang is that extension of the blade into the handle. Unlike folding knives, the fixed hunting knife lacks the moving parts. In further discussion, we shall look deeper into the fixed hunting knives.


What makes a fixed-blade hunting knife better than the other hunting knives?


Taking into consideration from the general rule of thumb, the fixed blade hunting knives are the best from all points of view. However from one, they are heavy to carry around. Basically, this is for the reason that the fixed blade knives have three major benefits which makes them to stand out from the other hunting knives. They are:

  • Cheaper
  • Stronger  
  • More reliable.


The attributes of the fixed blade hunting knives are driven from the fact that they have no movable parts. Are you a dedicated hunter? Having a solid fixed blade hunting knife is the ultimate game name for you with no compromise.


Want to choose a good fixed blade hunting knife?


For you as dedicated hunter to correctly choose the right fixed blade knife, you must know the three types of blades that are used in hunting. The blades are the drop point, clip point and the skinning blade. You will choose according to your preferences. From the three types of blades, the clip point strikes out to be more versatile solution compared to the other two which are more like “niche” knives.


What makes a knife good for hunting?

 1.      First, the blade must have a full tang design which means, the blade and the handle must be made of one continuous piece of steel. This kind of design has the advantage of a strong and unbreakable knife feature. You must avoid completely buying a partial tang design because they are always prone to failure and doesn’t last longer.

 2.      The type of steel used in manufacturing of knife is vital. You must take this in much consideration considering that, basically there are two types of steel used in making hunting knives. The carbon steel and the stainless steel which both have their pros and cons. The third one is the high carbon and stainless steel which is way too much expensive.


In comparing both the carbon and stainless, the carbon steel is cheaper, durable, easy to sharpen, strong but it’s prone to rusting. On the other hand, the stainless steel is the most choice of hunters around the world for the reasons of it being easy to maintain and for its high quality.

 3.      When you as a hunter chooses the carbon steel for your hunting, then you will have to maintain the blade from rusting. This is done by the use of silicon containing wax and also never forgetting to keep it oiled all the time. As you know, hunting activities sees some dirty actions during the hunting days. This kind of steel will requires high measures of maintenance.


To you, my advice would be, always go for the stainless steel because of its low levels of maintenance compared to the carbon steel regardless of it being a little bit harder sharpening. However, if you decide to go for the expensive high carbon and stainless steel, then go for it because its worthy.

 4.      The handle of a good fixed blade hunting knife needs to be very comfortable in your hand that even in wet conditions, you won’t be affected. When you also consider the humid conditions, the handle must be made stronger not to deteriorate in such conditions. You should avoid handles made out of wood or bones because they are fragile and become slippery in wet conditions. Also try not to use the leather ones because you see they look cool.


Use the synthetic material made handles like the nylon, polymer and rubber plastics etc. These materials have proven to be sturdy and feel heavy and strong in your hand.


You must keep in mind that, a well maintained and high- quality fixed blade hunting knife can only last ages if you properly handle it. All you need to do is to ensure that, you keep it clean, dry and oiled even if it is a stainless steel type. Always ensure the blade is sharp and properly stored. You can use some of the commercial cleaning solutions that containing the lubricants to clean the stainless steel. After all, stainless blades aren’t immune to rust; they are just resistant to rust.


It all narrows down to two things, your choice of preference and your budget. What do you prefer for your hunting activities? You have the power to choose. Keep your knives sharper!


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