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About Us

About Us

Welcome To Allknives – Your One Stop Shop For All Your Knife Needs

Our company is the Australian importers/distributors for frosts Knives Mora of Sweden, they have been making knives for centuries. We cater for all your knife & knife sharpening needs, we sell only quality knives, guaranteed.

Our knives are of the highest quality, once you try you won't want any other brand of knife, our quality is assured.

We know knives.

Allknives stock a great range of knives for all types of users from a tactical knife to kitchen knives.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for knives for Fishing, Boning, Skinning, Chefs, Butchers, Hunting, Survival, Camping, Scuba Diving and Woodcarving.

You can also buy high-quality sharpening tools to keep all your knives super sharp: supplying one of the best on the market, Nirey Electric knife sharpeners, pre-set for ease of use, sharpen sashimi knives and serrated knives and all your regular knives. Quality knife steels, sharpening stones and more.



What Type of Knife Have You Been Looking For?

We've got a huge range of quality knives for sale.

Models with curved or straight blades, quality handles to suit knife, knives with unique features and different steel.

What they have in common is that they've been developed to fit their intended use in the perfect fashion. Along with the knives that are classic, we've got knives for handcrafts, building, cooking and outdoor recreation.

You’ll most likely find the hardest part is choosing the best knife that you want to buy.

How are you going to use your knife?  Do you have a specific purpose?  Or maybe you just want an all-rounder, so you’re ready for anything.

The more you understand about knives, the more useful they become… Begin by identifying the various parts of the knife: edge, blade, back, handle, finger guard, and knife cover.

Once your knife has been delivered, get a feel for it in your hands, what’s the most comfortable way you like to hold it? Of course keep in mind that our knives are extremely sharp, so please use carefully to avoid cutting yourself.

Going camping soon? You should check out our awesome range of Hunting Knivesthey are a must for your outdoor adventures and your survival needs.


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As any serious hunter understands an excellent hunting knife is difficult to find. But after you buy the one you need, it is going to be with you for years. We are happy to deliver to your doorstep, and we have an incredible variety of hunting knives for you to pick from. Some unique to use with our fire starter to start your campfire or light your barbeque.

If you buy one of the professional knife sharpeners, be sure to check out our training videos on the proper way to keep your blades sharp, so they last you a lifetime.

We’ve got plenty of experience in this industry and are the Importers of Mora of Sweden & Frosts Knives & Sharpening Steels and for 20 years have been the leading local Importer of quality knives.

Mora of Sweden & Frosts of Sweden is one of the best brand knives on the market manufacturing since 1891 in Sweden.

We also sell to wholesalers and retailers, if you would like to become an agent, please contact us on sales@allknives.online 

Full catalogues and prices available on request.



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Your One Stop Shop For All Your Knife Needs In Australia

Come and check out our quality hunting knives australia, perfect for your next adventure. 

Not much of a hunter, would rather be cooking? Have a look at the range of professional kitchen knives we carry, buy one and become the master of your kitchen.

As you look around our online store you'll see we stock a diverse selection of quality knives for all situations.

Knife sharpeners and knives for sale. We cater for Chefs, Butchers, Farmers, Fishermen & Fisherwomen, Knives for Hunters & more.

Quality Knives from Mora Frosts of Sweden.

You can even find that tactical knife you've been looking for.


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